Bus Safety Week 2021 – Be Bus Aware

Newcastle Transport is taking part in Bus Safety Week for another year, helping customers and the community stay safe on and around buses.

We believe everyone has a part to play in keeping safe around buses. Whether you’re walking, driving or riding, it’s always important to Be Bus Aware

When you are next travelling on a bus, or sharing the road with our services, keep our safety tips in mind.

For customers:

  • Press the button well before your stop to give the driver plenty time to stop safely
  • Wait until the bus has stopped before you get out of your seat
  • Your driver is here to help. If you have a question, ask your driver when you board or when the bus is at a bus stop.

For other drivers:

  • Give way to buses when they are pulling out from a stop
  • Allow plenty of space for buses when they are merging
  • Keep a safe distance from buses in front of you
  • Slow down to 40km/hour when bus lights are flashing.

For cyclists:

  • If you are overtaking a bus, avoid passing when it is turning – buses can take up more than one lane when they turn
  • Buses have blind spots and may not see you – take extra care
  • You may travel in a Bus Lane, Tram Lane, Transit Lane or Truck Lane but not in a Bus Only Lane
  • Follow the rules and ride with care.

For pedestrians:

  • Plan ahead and don’t rush for the bus
  • Obey traffic signals and cross the road with care
  • Don’t be distracted by mobile devices
  • Stand back from the kerb when waiting for the bus.

Visit Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety for more information on bus safety.

Bus Safety Week – road users

Bus Safety Week – customers